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Jim Pirrie
The UK's Leading Strategist on Business Blogging Success, and Creator of Bloggi.

"The Whole Point of Software is to Make Life Easier..."

You've got a problem.

Every business owner faces the same one:

Getting More Clients.

Lead-generation and prospecting needs to be an ongoing and daily part of your business life - true?


Credibility is crucial in your marketing. And


is a powerful way to

Build your credibility, authority and reputation.

So, if you're in business, then you need a blog. And I don't mean just a 'look-at-me' blog. I mean a

'Marketing-Focused, Lead-Generating, List-Building Blog'

Because that's the point, isn't it.

If your blog doesn't bring in new clients then it's a waste of time.

And if you want more clients? Then there are things your blog MUST do.

And most business blogs overlook them.

Which, of course, is why they don't generate leads.

Now I've spent my career in marketing

And product development and business training. And as well as my training business I have a software company.

So, when I hit the usual nightmare of putting all the bits together for a real marketing blog, I flung up my hands in horror because it was just all too difficult.

And I'm a techie!!

I'll be honest: I got a bit annoyed.

After all,

Software is supposed to make life easier.

And blogging has been around for decades! Yet could I find

A simple, all-in-one answer that did everything a marketing-focused blog so obviously required?

Um, no.

Just a heap of bits and pieces, a learning curve like the Matterhorn and the prospect of two months to wrestle it all to the ground and bend it into shape so it did at least some of what I wanted.

So, for me and for you, I decided to create Bloggi

A completely new platform. Bloggi is more than just a blog - it's a fully-integrated lead-generation system. It's optimised for search; it's optimised for social; media; and it's optimised for you.

The truth is this: as a business owner, you need systems to be as simple and effective as possible.

And that is Bloggi.

Nothing to install. No plug-ins. No add-ons.

It simply works out-of-the-box with all those essential marketing tools most blogs just ignore.

You can have your blog completely up and running in the next 10 minutes.

So take the fast track: get yourself on the Bloggi Founder Members' Programme now before all the spaces are gone.

I'll see you there...!

Bloggi Is... Your Experience and Expertise

Your clients come to you for your knowledge, experience, your expertise. What really sets you apart, though, is your unique take on things.

All those years of experience have given you insights and angles that nobody else will ever be able to copy.

And that's the power of your blog. That's where your true voice can be heard.

So do you really want to be grappling with the technical complexities of setting up your blog? Or would you rather be helping the people you love to help, and speaking to people about the work you love?

Of course not. And that's why I created Bloggi: to be the simplest and most powerful way to spread the word.

In fact, when you join the Bloggi family, you can get your blog set up in just a couple of minutes..

The other way is great for some people, of course - but here's the downside...

Bloggi Is... New Visitors To Your Business

Getting traffic is always a big problem for any business.

And with a blog that is both optimised for search and also for social media sharing you can use your blog to bring engaged, interested and active visitors in from the cold, anonymous world of the Web and into the heart of your business.

Bloggi makes it all so simple.

Powerful SEO and unrivalled social media optimisation and sharing features mean that if there are people looking for you, they'll find you.

If you want to know more about the intricacies of optimising your blog posts for social media , you can learn more about the technicalities of what you would have to do here.

Bloggi does all that stuff for you, of course: so you could just join the Bloggi family and save yourself all that bother!

Bloggi Is... More Clients

But traffic is not the answer! Visitors are not enough!

Someone who arrives, reads your stuff - for nothing! - and then leaves is no good to you.

After all, it's about being in business, not being a public library.

So making every effort to be sure your blog is optimised to convert visitors into real leads is crucially important.

That usually means paying for complex integrations, plug-ins and add-ons (if you want to know why, you can learn all about the issues here).

Your Bloggi blog has it all built in already, of course. And it will gather leads for you even if you don't have an email marketing system or a CRM.

And when you do want to connect Bloggi to your CRM? Well that's easy too.

So if you want a blog that really does generate leads, then join the Bloggi family and make it easy for yourself.

Bloggi Is... Video

You know as well as I do that Video is a powerful way to attract attention and engage visitors on any web site.

So it's of top importance that any blog makes the most of the video opportunity.

That's why Bloggi has been build to play nicely with YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia. Embedding videos in your blog posts is a snap - Bloggi even uses video to enhance click-through rates from social media timelines.

If you aren't creating and sharing video yet, then it would be a good idea to start!

And if you are? Then Bloggi is probably the easiest and most effective option around.

The thing is, if you really want to make the best use of video on your blog, you could spend a lot of time doing it (and if you want to take the uphill road, here's how).

Or you could join the Bloggi family and do it the easy way!

Bloggi is... Easy Peasy

There is honestly no reason why you should be expected to learn how to install stuff on a web server or integrate plugins or set up pages or any of that techie malarkey.

And there's no reason you should go to huge expense (and delay) by putting yourself in the hands of a web-techie to do it for you.

(That's an option, of course - but do make sure you choose one who actually knows about marketing. I mean really knows. You'd be surprised how few of those there are. And how much they cost.)

There's an easier - and more effective answer.

Bloggi is designed from the ground up to be the easiest possible if you want a real business-generating blog.

Sign up. Log in. Now you're on your way.

As easy as that.

So go ahead and join the Bloggi family: you really can have your blog completely set up and ready to go easily inside the next hour...

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